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Truths About the End of the World: The so called “End of the World” is on everyone’s minds today. On the internet, television and the airwaves we are bombarded with graphic visions of the total destruction of the earth as we know it. Prophets and ancient civilization’s writings and hieroglyphs are used to foretell visions of destruction and annihilation of everything we hold dear. So-called prophets such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and other self-proclaimed prognosticators (even Isaac Newton) are quoted widely as predictors of the end. Civilizations, such as the Mayans, the Hopi Indians, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Jews, the Christians and countless others have their own interpretations of the end of days. Some go so far as to predict the exact day and hour of the end (Mayan 2012). So far each prior prediction has been proven wrong, and probably will be proven wrong in the future. Only God knows the day and hour. Although these writings will use the Holy Bible as the source of most of its observations that does not mean this writing is simply more Christian dogma. Most Christian denominations and churches today do not know any more about the end of days than what is cryptically written in the Bible. This work is not about religion although it is about God, or a higher power, that actually does exist and exerts the only viable influence on matters pertaining to the earth, His creation. It is in finding this God that we find our salvation, and our protection in the coming days. This work, after extensive studies of many world religions, will choose to use the Bible as the most complete and accurate picture of this God with whom we have to deal.  
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